How To Install League Of Legends Without Admin

Leave a comment below if you want me to make another program to not require admin to run/install.
Download Link:

Quick Installation instructions:
1. Download The File Above
2. Extract Anywhere On Your Computer
3. Run Start.bat if your computer doesn’t have DirectX installed or if you aren’t sure it has it installed.

Tweak Tests (by me) On:
Win7 – Works
Win8 – Works
Win10 – Might work, gave me error/problem #4 after use for some time.
WinVista – Works
WinXP – Not Tested
OlderWindowsThanWinXP – Not Tested
Mac – Not Tested/Will Give Failure Yes Or Yes
Linux – Not Tested/Will Give Failure Yes Or Yes

Known Problems:
1. RADS Fails To Load! [To fix this, easily try restarting the whole program but use Start.bat which normally fixes all problems, this problem of RADS failure is random, so it won’t always happen. Also check that your router or the person who has control over the router doesn’t have the RADS connections blocked.]

2. When I start a game, it never loads the loading screen! [To fix this there are some solutions: 1. Try force closing the loading screen and then try to re-connect, Or 2. Try restarting the whole program (and like always, try using this time Start.bat so that any extra mini-errors are fixed) and reconnecting to your game]

3. It says that the file d3dx9_39.dll is missing! [Use Start.bat to start up the game, this error is just that you don’t have DirectX installed on the computer, that’s why I included the Start.bat, which fixes this error without the need of installing DirectX]

4. patcher kernel stopped working! [This is what I consider an error of multi-processes of LOL, to fix this simply open your task manager and end any LOL related process, after this, restart the program. This error is purely random and normally is fixed just by restarting LOL again (or by using the method above). In case that the restart of the program still doesn’t work (and you checked that all LoL related processes are dead) then I would say try a comp restart and then try again (or even try just using lol.launcher.exe to see if the error pops up)]

5. When I click start.bat it asks me for admin permission. [This is 2 things, 1: quick failure 2: your computer/system administrator blocked *.bat from running without administrator level. To fix this, I have 3 ways: 1) Go to notepad and write:
set path=%path%;%cd%lab

now save it next to your lol.launcher.exe as “start(fixed).bat” and try opening it. 2) if #1 doesn’t work, then copy the “d3dx9_39.dll” from the folder “lab” next to your lol.launcher.exe and then run lol.launcher.exe after it works, join a custom game to see if there are errors when loading the .dll 3) open CMD in normal mode and type (Anything between {} means a variable ie: you need to know whats asked is):

{drive where the folder of lol non admin is located at [commonly C Drive if on desktop]}
cd {LoL nonadmin folder is located at (better if you go to it through windows explorer and then copy the folder path/address[WARNING, INCLUDE ” ” WHEN YOU WRITE THE FOLDER PATH/ADDRESS]}
set path=%path%;%cd%lab
“start lol.launcher.exe” (OR) “lol.launcher.exe” (WITHOUT ” “)

That should fix the problem, if it still doesn’t then let me know, I will try to see why (I will ask questions obviously)]

Problem 4: I found lots of solutions but none of them were compatible with the no-admin side that this video is supposed to be linked with. There was no other solution that I could implement easely.


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