Leaverbuster Removal Tool | 2017 | How to skip Leaver Buster System


This video is for educational purposes only.
Bot for Avoid Leaver Buster Ban in League of Legends
How to Avoid Leaver Buster Ban in League of Legends
Anti Ban League of legends 2017
How to Bypass AFK Checker in LOL
Bypass AFK in LOL
Bypass AFK in league of legends
Confirmed working on patch: 7.13
How to skip the league of legends leaver buster

This is New Tested version. Please send me replay if you see some errors. Thanks!
Download: Version 5.1 Robot – Update 15.09.2017


Note*: If you wanna to RoBot play intermediate game : Just snip intermediate image instead intro image!
– Added: Auto attack enemy heroes
– Added: Auto attack minions
– Added: If low energy then go back
– Added: Level Up Button in Configuration Meni
– Added: Buying Itims For All
– Added: Fixing Error with looking for a minions
– Added: Fixing error with Riot Folder
– Added: Fixing Resolution Setings
– Added: Fixing Camera Lock
– Added: Fix with Confrim Button

Old bot:
## How it works

This tool automaticly queues up (and plays) for coop vs ai, intro level games, in order to complete your penalty

After completly running this tool your account will no longer need to wait before you can queue up for a game

## Setup

### Prerequisites

* Auto It Program:

* Auto It Editor

* Auto It Tool Bot:

### Instalation

Instal downloaded exe files:


Thats it, thats all that you need for the tool to run

## User Manual

Completing 5 games (while waiting up to 20 minutes between each one) takes a long time!

Make sure you have up to 7 hours available

### Prerequisites

There are only a few things this tool requires from your pc, the account, the client or game settings:

1. Your computer must be left alone to play the games

2. Your client resolution must be set to 1280×720,
or You Can Configure your cilent using this tutorial:

3. You must own Garen or Rengar or Viegar

### Getting Started

1. Log into your account

2. Run AntiBanBot.au3

3. Press F5 for start

4. Press Button ” Skip AFK System”

5. Enjoy your ban free acount!!!!
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