Top 7 longest rivers in Vietnam

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To mention the river in Vietnam, nobody does not know. Since Vietnam has many small rivers and rivers from different countries, there are also rivers that originate from Vietnam and flows through the territory of Vietnam. However, few will be aware of those rivers, and the following will introduce the great family to the longest rivers in Vietnam for the reference home.

Tóm tắt nội dung


Mekong River

The Mekong River is a river that flows to sea. Photo Source: Google

Originating from China flowing through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, eventually Vietnam. The river spilled to the sea through the nine branches of Cuu Long River to make the Mekong Delta fertile, rich four seasons lush greenery. The two largest rivers are the Tien River and the Hau River with a length of 250km each


Lam River (Ca river)

The Lam River is a river in north Central. Photo Source: Google

The River Lam, another name is thousand, is a river in north central Vietnam.

The total length of the river is 300 km. The river flows northwest – southeast, when the sea reaches back to north

Both the meaning “big”, which also means “mother “, the mother of the small rivers that pour back like Nam to be, Nam Graves, River John, and the River La. The name “River Lam” is probably due to the blue water. The river also has names such as Lam Giang, Thanh Long Giang, Lam Thuy.


Da River

Da River is the Majestic River. Photo Source: Google

Da River is derived from China, the length of Vietnam la 530km. The majestic but not least lyrical river of the Northwestern Mountains, is inspired by many authors to write famous works, which is the most special works “Custom pens song da ” by the author Nguyen


Lo River

Lo River is the left tributary of the Red River. Photo Source: Google

Lo River is a tributary of the Red River. The Lo River flows in Vietnam with a length of 274 km (with books recorded 264 km, 275 km or 277 km).


Hong River

Hong River is the cradle of the rice civilization of Vietnam. Photo Source: Google

Also originating from China, the total length of the river flowing on Vietnam’s territory is 516km the convergence should be fertile red alluvial river delta, which is the cradle of the Vietnamese rice civilization with rice production topped the country


Dong Nai River

Dong Nai River is the longest inland river in Vietnam. Photo Source: Google

Is the longest inland river in Vietnam. The Dong Nai River originates from the Langbiang plateau (Lam Dong) with a total length of 586km. With extremely large water flow, is a source of abundant hydraulic power supply to Dong Nai hydropower plant.


Ma River

Ma River is the Common River of Laos and Vietnam. Photo Source: Google

It is the common River of Laos and Vietnam. Ma River flows on Vietnam’s 410km long. The river code originates from the south of Dien Bien province flowing northwest to southeast through the district of Son La Province, through the territory of Laos, and then to Thanh Chemistry province.

To admire 1 great work is not difficult, but to Huy Threshold 1 nature of nature has given fruit is a hard thing to find. However, for those who love deep calm beauty, the most beautiful rivers that add offers are probably ideal for admiring, collectively having their own beauties, whose beauty looks hidden from within it. There are long rivers, which have rivers nestled in the dreamy cities and have rivers that contribute to the mystical beauty of every country that has the river has become the symbol of the nation. So you should try 1 of your eyes 1 of the most beautiful rivers in the world, you will feel the majesty, immense from it.

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